12 Hairstyles for Women Over 50

At 50, we do not have the same hair as at 20, nor the same needs, nor the same expectations. Which hairstyle to choose to enhance while remaining yourself? We answer! Here are the 12 hairstyles, ideal if you are 50 years old or older.

White hair, loss of density, change of texture, various and varied constraints: taking care of your hair is not easy, especially if you are in your fifties. Is it to the extent that his mane must remain fallow? Certainly not ! Here are our tips for finding the cut and the perfect hairstyle for you if you are 50 years old.

Hairstyles for women 50 years and over: choose your color with care

At 50, there are two possibilities: you can make regular colorations to camouflage your white hair or you can let them grow as they wish and adopt the silver coloring.

If you decide to camouflage your white hair, some elements must be taken into account. Avoid unnatural tone-on-tone stains that tend to make you feel like you’re wearing a helmet. Favor the color dotted with reflection or crack for a scan over your color (and yes, it is possible!). Finally, choose a color lighter than your natural color to bring light and look good.

If you prefer to let nature take its course, consider using shampoos and purple care that will remove the grayish hue of your hair and make them much brighter and silver.

12 Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Hairstyle for women 50 and over: choose your length carefully

When you are 20 years old, you can perfectly oscillate between ultra long hair and bad cut. But, after a certain age, long to extra-long hair is far from being flattering. They lengthen and weigh down the face.

If you really can not imagine your life without your long hair, think of lightening your hair mass by making them tapered and degraded.

The most flattering cut when you’re 50? Short cuts! From the mid-length square to the rock cut, these options are preferred because they soften the features, lighten the face and silhouette and especially give you good looks!

Hairstyle for women 50 and over: what can be done on the hair side?

Everything, absolutely everything! If you feel good about yourself, want to try a new hairstyle: go for it! Life is far too short to worry about what will be said!